Hi, I'm Becca

Like all of you I wear many hats in life. I am a wife to a busy and aspirational man who is an amazing partner in life and an even better father. I am a mother to two toddler boys who keep me on my toes daily. I am a board-certified emergency medicine physician. I whole heartedly believe in the role that fitness and nutrition play in living a full and healthy life. I launched a new business. I love doing home DIY projects.

During my journey to figure out my next step I attended a talk by a woman who has created a wonderful portfolio career for herself and the biggest thing she said that has stuck with me was "decide what your ideal life looks like and work backwards from there."

I guess it sounds simple now but at the time it was a major breakthrough for me. I want what most of us want: more time with my family and more control over my time, my money, and my life in general. It sounds unattainable but it is achievable.

The problem was, I had no idea how to go about it! I had no experience with online marketing and no clue where to start. This course truly changed everything for me! No longer will I be dependent on a single employer for my paycheck. I am creating alternative income streams to carve out a path to give myself and my family more financial freedom.

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Take a peek at what's covered in this FREE Masterclass!

Take a peek at what's covered in this FREE Masterclass!